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The International Gothic Association is committed to promoting Gothic publications, academic centres and networks, and educational opportunities. We offer resources for all those interested in the Gothic. Please contact us if you wish to promote your work / group.


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International Centre for Gothic Studies
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The Gothic Association of New Zealand and Australia

The Gothic Association of New Zealand and Australia was founded by Dr Lorna Piatti-Farnell (Auckland University of Technology) in 2012. It brings together scholars, students, teachers, artists, and writers who have a shared interest in the Gothic. The Association is academic in nature and takes an interdisciplinary perspective which unites all aspects of Gothic culture, including literature, film, music, technology, popular culture, architecture, and fashion. The Association hosts biennial conferences, usually in late-January, held in either Australia or New Zealand. The next conference is to be held in Auckland in January, 2017 (see CFP attached). The Association’s current President is Dr Lorna Piatti-Farnell (

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Open Graves Open Minds

The Open Graves, Open Minds project will become a recognised research centre in January 2017 – please visit

Dr. Samantha George will be the director and Prof. Owen Davies who is a specialist in magic and witchcraft will be also be taking a lead role. Our next conference will be on witches and magical beings in 2018. We will also be organising a series of research seminars and symposia for the launch of the Open Graves, Open Minds Research Centre in 2017. This year will also see us launch the Books of Blood project in collaboration with the Wellcome Institute. This is a touring exhibition and series of performances on blood as text and symbol in modern culture. Please see: This will launch in Limerick in collaboration with Dr Tracy Fahey in autumn 2017.

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