CFP: 50+ Shades of Gothic

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This is a call for presentations that will be organized thematically in different sessions, as detailed below. However, the analysis of any type of popular culture products across media is welcome. We invite presentations on gothic modes in film, (web)tv series, comics and graphic novels, video games, animation, products aimed at children and young adults, genre fiction, and theatrical performances.

Each session will be composed of a talk with a keynote speaker (30 min. approximately) followed by panels, each organized as a sequence of short presentations (each 12-15 min. maximum) and a moderated discussion among participants. Scholars at any stage of their career are welcome, and the panels will be organized accordingly.

Panels will be pre-recorded in their entirety: the presenters and moderators will agree on a date for the pre-recording  , with a limited public composed of PopMeC editors. The session will be post-produced and uploaded to the PopMeC YouTube channel and social media platforms, according to the series’ calendar (to be defined, starting early April with an introductory session and streaming a new session every week). The participation in the sessions is free of charge.

PopMeC accepts presentation proposals (300-350 words approx.) about any aspect related to the call. The proposals will be peer-reviewed and selected on a rolling basis by our editorial team and external collaborators, who will get back to you as soon as possible. Please, send your proposal to, attaching your text, inclusive of a short bio (100-120 words), name, affiliation, and email contact in a single file (.doc, .docx, .odt).


THE HOUSE AS GOTHIC LOCUS + THE UNCANNY AND THE US FAMILY Deadline for presentation proposals: February 28, 2021

GOTHIC AND THE ETHNIC OTHER + BODIES AND BOUNDARIES Deadline for presentation proposals: March 7, 2021

ECOGOTHIC Deadline for presentation proposals: March 14, 2021

BODIES AND BOUNDARIES + GENDER, SEXUALITY AND THE GOTHIC Deadline for presentation proposals: March 21, 2021

CHILDREN AND YA GOTHIC STUFF Deadline for presentation proposals: March 28, 2021

AUTOMATA, CYBER TERROR AND TECHNOCRATIC REALITIES Deadline for presentation proposals: April 4, 2021

Confirmed keynote scholars:

Xavier Aldana Reyes, Kyle Bishop, Kevin Corstorphine, Anya Heise-von der Lippe, Michael Howarth, Evert J. van Leeuwen, Elizabeth Parker + Michelle Poland, David Punter, Julia Round, Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, Maisha L. Wester.

Organizing committee: Anna Marta Marini (PopMeC chief editor), Mónica Fernández and Trang Dang (board editor), associate editors Laura Álvarez, Paula Barba, Michael Fuchs, Sofía Martinicorena, and editorial assistant Dina Pedro.

Call promo: