Exit Speech from the current co-Presidents of the IGA

As we approach the end of our four year term as co-Presidents of the International Gothic Association, we wish to express our gratitude to all of our membership for their support and enthusiastic attendance of conference and symposia on Gothic Studies across the world. During our tenure, we have established a strong IGA Facebook page, which, when last checked, had over 1900 followers. In addition to the successful conference hosted by Simon Fraser University in Vancouver in 2015, we are excited about the forthcoming conference at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico this year. We have also lined up the next two conference venues: an exceptional conference at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2018, and a further conference at Lewis University in Illinois in 2019. Our conference bid form is present on the website, and can be downloaded, should you be interested in hosting a future event.

The funds of the IGA remain stable, and we are delighted that we have been able to support three graduate student bursaries to the IGA conference this year in memory of our much-missed colleague Diane Long Hoeveler, and that we have been able to support smaller one-day conferences to the tune of £100-200. The IGA has continued to support the Allan Lloyd Smith Memorial Prize, with Joseph Crawford’s The Twilight of the Gothic and Glennis Byron and Dale Townshend’s The Gothic World worthy recipients of the monograph and edited collection award respectively in 2015. The results of the 2017 prize will be announced at the conference in Mexico.

Gothic Studies as a field continues to go from strength to strength, and we are thrilled to see new conferences and journals proliferating across the world. As an area of graduate research, too, Gothic has never been stronger, and we are delighted that the IGA’s postgraduate representatives have worked hard over the past four years to bring their peers together through a dedicated blog and a series of networking events. The IGA’s journal, Gothic Studies, remains the premier in the field, and thanks are due to its editorial team and contributors for maintaining its high reputation.

Finally, we wish to thank the amazing officers of the IGA (particularly the executive officer, Monica Germana) for their sterling and ongoing work on behalf of the organization. We also wish our successors the very best of luck


Dr Catherine Spooner and Professor Angela Wright