Gothic Studies update

The new year brings with it some new developments for IGA and Gothic Studies.  As those of you on our listserv know, Bill Hughes, the editor of Gothic Studies, is stepping down after two decades with the journal.  This development has, in part, spurred the IGA executive and advisory committees not only to look back on the successes of the past, but also to think about opportunities for the future.  With this and the fact that our contract with Manchester UP for the publication of the journal was due to be renewed, we realized there was potential to explore other possibilities, and so for the past year and more we have been discussing the future of the journal.  To this end, we approached other publishers, as well as MUP, to see what new opportunities for the IGA and Gothic Studies there may be.

We are now in a position to announce that the IGA executive and advisory committees have unanimously supported signing a new contract with Edinburgh University Press to begin publishing Gothic Studies.  This change brings some positive news for our members: most significantly, once the transition is complete, subscription rates will be lowered to £33/year.  This may go up slightly, however, if the next piece of good news is acted upon: the press is keen to work with the new editor to begin to publish 3 issues a year, rather than 2.  We will keep you posted on these developments.

Speaking of the new editor, now that the next publishing contract is signed, we’re happy to announce our call for expressions of interest from those interested in applying to become the new Editor of Gothic Studies.  We will post this call to the website immediately following this post.  We encourage you to contact us with any questions.  (In other good news, Bill has very kindly agreed to stay on during the transition.  Thanks Bill, for this and everything!)

And on the note of thanks, we want to send our profound thanks to Manchester University Press and all who have worked on Gothic Studies there.  This decision was not an easy one; the IGA and our members will continue to have many connections to MUP, and everyone on our committees expressed a deep respect for the work the Press does.  We have passed on those thanks and our own personal gratitude to MUP and let them know that the IGA deeply appreciates their commitment to the journal over the past two decades, and their ongoing commitment to the field of gothic studies.

Last but very far from least, don’t forget to submit to our upcoming conference in Manchester!  Deadline: 31 January 2018!