Haunted Shores Network

The Haunted Shores team is pleased to announce that registration for the Network is now live! Haunted Shores is a global interdisciplinary research network that seeks to explore the rich literary and cultural history of coastal and littoral spaces in literatures of terror. For centuries our literature, art, and culture has regarded coastlines and shores with both wonder and anxiety, liminal spaces that shape identities and ideologies. From 19th century shipwrecks to 21st CGI kaiju, the constant reappearance of coastal spaces in Gothic texts demonstrates a need for in depth study. The Haunted Shores Network aims to bring together researchers from around the globe, of various disciplines, to facilitate a space for learning and knowledge sharing

Members of the Network will:

  • receive regular email updates regarding Network activity
  • be able to reach out to the Network to help with research projects, finding collaborators, sharing events, promoting publications etc
  • have the option to join as Associates, and be listed on the Haunted Shores website 
  • be kept up to date with Network events, such as reading groups 

Successful scholarship that makes meaningful contributions to society does not exist in a vacuum. By coming together to share knowledge, we improve the quality of the work being produced. With Haunted Shores, we hope to enable a global network that facilitates impactful and diverse research whilst connecting individuals to create a supportive environment.

If you would like to join the Network, please visit our website and fill in the GoogleForm:https://hauntedshores2020.wordpress.com/thenetwork/