IGA 2021 (Dublin) Update

The IGA executive has met with the organisers of the IGA 2021 conference, Bernice Murphy and Tina Morin, to explore our options for this event during this uncertain time. Knowing that we are not even yet in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Bernice and Tina have put in an enormous amount of work to make sure that our next IGA conference will be the full, intellectually-stimulating, collegial and activity-filled event that it has always been. To that end, they have, with the executive’s unanimous approval, decided to postpone the upcoming conference and to reschedule for July 2022. By doing this now, as they explain in the announcement below, they are able to make sure that we will have access to the same venues, accommodations and other amenities that we would have had in 2021.

While we are disappointed not to be able to see all of you in 2021, we know that this is the right decision for the IGA. We are extremely grateful to Bernice and Tina for their hard work and their dedication to the IGA and its conference. Because of them, the 16th IGA in Dublin will be a the kind of conference that we look forward to!

Stay safe and well,
Karen Macfarlane and Justin Edwards,
Co-Presidents International Gothic Association

IGA Postponement Statement from the Conference Organisers

Dear IGA Friends: We hope that you are all keeping safe and well during these unprecedented times. As we are all well aware, the Covid-19 pandemic has tragically claimed lives all over the world and continues to do so. It has also radically disrupted day-to- day life in ways that would have seemed simply unimaginable only a few short months ago. As organisers of the next IGA Biannual Conference, which was due to be held in Trinity College Dublin in July of next year (2021), we want to update you all on our revised plans for the event in light of these unprecedented circumstances.

As the full scale of this crisis became apparent, our core conference organizing team met to discuss the knock-on implications which the virus, lock-down, and social distancing would have on our original plans. We initially still had hopes of holding the event in 2021 as planned (albeit with some inevitable changes necessary to ensure the safety of our delegates). However, it soon became clear that the level of ongoing disruption that we can reasonably anticipate continuing well into next year would make both planning for and holding the event extremely difficult, even if it were to follow a hybrid, partially online model. We are also very conscious of current travel restrictions, profound economic uncertainty, and of the possibility that a second wave of the virus may occur.

In light of these ongoing concerns about the safety and the practical feasibility of holding a large, in-person event (and a very social one such as the IGA conference), we have taken the decision to postpone the Dublin IGA until July 26th-29th 2022. We believe that this postponement will allow us to more effectively respond to the unfolding crisis.

We are still very much looking forward to hosting this event, and we hope that you can understand the reasons behind this decision. We are very grateful to have had the advice and support of IGA Presidents Justin Edwards and Karen McFarlane, and of the IGA executive during the last few weeks, as we carefully considered our options. Take care of yourselves in the meantime, and we hope to see you all here in Dublin in the Summer of 2022.

Bernice Murphy and Tina Morin, IGA 2022 Organisers.