Manchester Re-cap and Looking Forward

Hello everyone! Well, we promised a post-conference follow-up, and here, belatedly, it is!  Tremendous congrats and thanks again to the entire Manchester team for a truly memorable conference, as well as to MMU and the city of Manchester for welcoming us in all of our gothic finery. The largest conference in IGA history, complete with a drag ball, banquet, dance, the happiest Creature Cake in the world, fascinating plenaries, and wonderful papers—truly an event that will be remembered in IGA history for some time to come!  Interested in reliving some of it?  You can read Emily Oldfield’s great report (with pictures!) here, and listen to Hannah’s Bookshelf radio show, with interviews with many IGA members by host Hannah Priest, here (a mea culpa from co-prez Jason Haslam—he confused Laura Kremmel’s name for Laura Davidel in the interview: both gave wonderful papers, though!).

We suspect our next conference–our first ever conference in the United States—will be just as memorable!  It’s happening at Lewis University, just outside of Chicago.  As soon as the CFP is ready, it will be posted here, sent over the listserv, shouted from the rooftops, and send via various uncanny media. Also, keep an eye on this space for news of the Allan Lloyd Smith prizes to be awarded at the Lewis conference.

A few other reminders: we’re looking for a new graduate student rep, as current rep Louise Benson James is finishing her term.  Thanks to her for all her work over the past years!   If you are interested in applying, please see the call, here.  Also, our journal’s move to Edinburgh University Press with our new editor, Emily Alder and her team, moves apace: starting in October, there will be new links for subscribing, joining and renewing on our website, and we will send out any necessary updates here and through our listserv, but we expect a very smooth transition.  Oh, and keep an eye out for our new journal cover design!  Last but not least, in this coming year the executive plans to take on some much needed updating of our constitution, and we hope to bring the results of our deliberations on that to the next AGM.

That’s all for us now.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  –Justin and Jason